Feed a Family of 6


Just before Christmas, markets in Nairobi are filled with people buying and selling chickens, goat, pigs and various other foodstuffs for the holidays. Those that can afford it prepare a barbecue with family members traveling from far away.  Other food such as chapati, a fresh baked African flat bread and even Christmas cake can be expected. However, single mothers and children often are not able to celebrate in this way.  Many are hungry, even on Christmas.

By gifting a meal for a family you are creating a time of celebration and joyous memories. Nourishment for both the body and the soul.

Our team at Jacaranda will purchase and deliver food in the days leading up to Christmas as well as create decorations for the church celebration.  Families are invited to attend a large community gathering where they will eat and hear about Jesus.  In addition, for those families unable to attend, we will deliver food to their homes and greet them with your loving gift in Christ’s name.