Donate today!

There are many ways you can donate to the Jacaranda Community. You get to choose where your donation goes.

1. A General Donation

General donations received will be allocated to the branch that is most in need at the time your donation is placed. 

2. Choose one of our branches to donate directly to!

3. Love in Action = Partnership

There are other ways you can donate. here are other ways you can donate. Each branch of our ministry provides opportunities in diverse areas. Find the area that you resonate with the most and make a difference, learn more by simply clicking on one of these links: Learn more about the needs of Jacaranda Creations / Jacaranda Kids / Jacaranda Care / Jacaranda Academics

4. Donate to the Jacaranda Church

Your donation will go to sustaining the church and allow for the growth necessary to accommodate the new Christians joining the fellowship! Make a donation to the church today: U.S. Donations | Canada Donations.

5. I want to donate something specific!

Don't see an option for what you would like to specifically donate to? Not a problem, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in ensuring your donated funds go exactly where you would like them to go!