About Jacaranda Academic Centres

Jacaranda Academics is comprised of three main academic centres within Nairobi, Kenya - Kayole Centre, Kibera Centre and Marurui Centre.

Each of these centres range in age from baby classes/nurseries to preschool to primary classes. We created these centres to help break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness in these communities.

The Jacaranda Academic Centres:


JACARANDA ACADEMIC CENTRE - KAYOLE: We are purposely partnering with local parents and the community to work towards strengthening the foundation of the family. Surrounded by a stark environment of brick and heat, and the struggle to survive, the families in this community are trying hard to provide a solid education for their children to give them a chance in the growing city of Nairobi.

JACARANDA ACADEMIC CENTRE - KIBERA: Right now we have 50 kids learning in a little tiny mud room in the heart of kibera. The conditions are harsh, but these children have been rescued from walking alone through the slum often looking for and finding rotten food on the garbage strewn paths while their mothers look for work. Giving them a daily meal and education brings hope for their future!

JACARANDA ACADEMIC CENTRE - MARURUI: We are raising the standard for the child as we call them out of the mud and the mire into a clean and beautiful environment. We are introducing hands on Montessori Style teaching along side the Kenyan curriculum. Believing for world changers to emerge and become leaders of society.


Love in Action = Partnership

There are other ways you can donate. For example, if you are a school we would love to partner with you–Jacaranda Academics is always in need of books, visual learning tools for the classroom, classroom supplies and much more! You can also send teachers to help train, encourage and equip local teachers!

Pre-School Curriculum and above / Teaching aids / Learning manipulatives / Teaching resources / Gently used or new computers / Crafts  / Crayons / Paint brushes / White boards & markers

Make a donation to Jacaranda Academics or contact us if you are interested in getting involved or donating supplies!: academics@jacarandacommunity.com