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Sarah's Story May 21 2014

Sarah's Story from Garry Kean on Vimeo.

Sarah's story is one of heart-ache and struggle. Through Jacaranda Creations the life of her daughter and herself have made a full transformation. Watch the video to hear her touching story.

Virginia's Story May 21 2014

Virginia Story (MAGL Edit) from Garry Kean on Vimeo.

Virginia is one of the women of Jacaranda Creations. Her story will move you, please take a few minutes to hear what this incredible women has endured and how Jacaranda Creations is changing her life and the life of her family.

Changing lives one creation at a time. May 20 2014

The women of Jacaranda Creations are forever changed by their work. They have had struggles, disillusionment and pain that begins to fade with every achievement won. Each product that is sold through Jacaranda Creations produces an income which lifts these impoverished women and families out of desperation.

The incredibly creative and well-made products are handcrafted with locally-sourced materials in Nairobi, Kenya. Journey with us to Nairobi through the pictures and stories to see and hear what we do every day. 

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